• Partner with client and design team to deliver project from inception to completion.

  • Schedule, manage and implement 100% of site construction operations.

  • Hire and screen only the highest quality in-house craftsman, sub-contractors and building material suppliers for this project. Sub-par performance/commitment is not acceptable.

  • Insure all workers on our sites are professional, polite and courteous to fellow workers and client/owner representatives at all times.

  • Coordinate with various city/governmental authorities, departments and agencies – including utility companies – to ensure work is performed properly and on time. Perform tie-ins between new facilities and existing infrastructure. Address all federal, state and local permitting requirements.

  • Arrange for procurement of all construction materials and equipment and identify (and expedite where possible) any long-lead or critical path items.

  • Ensure that all construction-related activities comply with all local, state, and federal bid/work requirements including local and DBE participation goals.

  • Conduct a continuous Quality Control Program throughout project including the assignment of specific quality-control personnel.

  • Conduct startup, training, and support of all NDDOT client and architectural representatives during commissioning and 3rd-party inspections. Assist with facility commissioning (if required) upon substantial completion.

  • Ensure all insurances, bonding and administrative requirements are in place for all our employees and all sub-contractors/suppliers under our supervision.

  • Ensure all employees and all sub-contractors/supplier representatives (such as delivery drivers & sales personnel) adhere to strict, written safety program guidelines at all times. *See more about our safety program/protocol below.

  • Address and deal with all client construction-related issues throughout building schedule.



Methodology to deliver and maintain GMP throughout design development & construction:

  • At an agreed-upon point during design-development (prior to construction) Hight will submit a finalized guaranteed maximum price or GMP. Once the GMP is accepted and contracts have been executed, Hight Construction assumes ALL risk for delivering the project within that set amount. But there’s much more to establishing a reliable GMP than skilled estimating and costing ability (which we are happy to say we also have in abundance). Depending on how the final work breakdown is structured and agreed upon – Hight may or may not perform in-house work (work with our own crews such as – in our case – carpentry, doors/windows, metal stud work & gypsum) and controlling and (with our proven historical pricing models) maintaining this internal cost is a relatively straight-forward affair.


But it’s different when dealing with sub-contractors and suppliers – those members who may make up a significant and integral portion of your construction project. Suddenly there’s a professional ‘disconnect’ that often spells trouble for CM firms who come into unfamiliar territory, only to find the local work force isn’t enthusiastic to work with them. And that’s because of . And that’s where Hight comes in. NO building firm in the area (and especially those outside of ND) can boast better knowledge of – and a better track-record with – local and area sub-contracting and building material supply firms. We’ve also discovered this key level of relationship is paramount in maintaining GMP throughout any project. Why? Because the established, deep-seeded level of mutual respect and comradery that Hight has carefully cultivated over the years with its sub-contracting and supplier partners has allowed to expect and a level of commitment and fair play from these team members that other CM’s simply don’t enjoy. The firms we work with KNOW they’ll be working with us again and they are far more likely to hold their pricing, deliver on their promises and NOT pollute the building process with change orders and delays because they respect who we are. This simply isn’t the case with out-of-town CM firms.