Design-Build Construction

Hight Design-Build: A Primer:


Design-build is a method of construction project delivery in which one entity – in our case Hight Construction’s Design/Build Team and YOU – delivers your project under one single contract to provide you with both complete commercial design and construction services.


Utilizing one entity, one contract, and one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion, design-build is an alternative to the traditionally longer and more adversarial design-bid-build project delivery method wherein the design and construction services were split into separate entities, separate contracts and separate work – often creating an environment where individual entities were more concerned with their bottom lines than the client’s interest.


Streamlining project delivery through a single contract transforms the relationship between client, designer and builder into an alliance fostering collaboration and teamwork. United from the outset, the now integrated team works together to successfully complete the client’s project faster, more cost effectively and with fewer change orders … and less stress for all.

Design-build is a construction delivery process wherein one entity – a team comprised of Hight Construction’s Design/Build Department and YOU - provides BOTH professional design and construction services into an integrated package under one  contract. With one united team working in partnership and one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion, design-build is the stress-relieving alternative to the traditional (and historically more adversarial) design-solicit-bid-OVER BUDGET- REDESIGN-rebid-award-build (more later) method.


Traditional Competitive Bid

The traditional commercial construction competitive bid (CB) scenario generally starts out with a client (in need of a construction services) approaching a 3rd-party outside architectural design firm who, after establishing a budget for the project, can take many months (even years) to deliver the final set of working plans and specifications to the client. Now the bid process may begin. This is commonly another 2 to 4 weeks and may or may not result in an award, depending on how close the numbers received were to the established budget. Now, it’s at this point where things can go south rather quickly for a client who’s not been indoctrinated into the traditional process. It’s also here where the design/build process begins to shine in comparison to CB. You see, there can only be two results of a competitive bid period: 1) The project will be OVER budget or the project will be at or UNDER budget. But as simple as this sounds, in our experience, close to HALF of the the open competitive-bid projects we bid come in OVER budget, often leading to another 2-3 months of either value-engineering/negotiation with the bottom (yet still well above budget) bidders OR a complete re-design period that may extend your building window yet another 2-3 months or longer. Oh, and did we mention the design firm may actually charge you to re-work the documents – the same design firm that quoted you the budget in the first place?


Hight Construction Design/Build

This isn’t the case with Hight Design/Build. Because we’ve been working closely with you since the inception of the project, we have been monitoring and adjusting the plans and specifications according to budget as we’ve built the project. This is opposed to the blind CB process where you as a client may or may not have a relationship (or even have heard of) the lowest bidding contractor on your project. So, lacking any real connection with you as an owner, what do you suppose the odds are this particular contractor is genuinely and sincerely interested in your fortunes as opposed to his own bottom line? The answer isn’t pretty. Soon after award the atmosphere slowly turns adversarial. There’s no feeling of camaraderie or unity (was there ever?) and you’ve begun to notice an unsettling, mercenary air in all the conversations and correspondence. Then finally, months down the road you pause among the chaos just long enough to “what happened? Where did this go wrong?” Don’t get caught in this trap. Let Hight Construction demonstrate to you that it really is possible to build your project expediently and cost-effectively and have fun doing it. It all begins with trust … and that first step. Call today: 701-839-5819.

What is the Hight 'Design-Build Difference?'